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Wu Ke




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Wu Ke was born in Shanghai, China.


He joined the Fine Arts department of East China Normal University.


He studied Chinese Shan Shui paintings under Masters Shi Chan and Huang Azhong

  His works are in the collections of :

Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts (A.M.N.U.A. )


Jiangsu Art Museum


Zhejiang Art Museum



21.09 26.09 Another Shan Shui  别样山水 Cookhouse Gallery Chelsea College of Arts


For his first Solo exhibition in London, Wu Ke presented 30 works ( 2015-2017 ).


He lives and works in Zhujiajiao, little Venice of Shanghai, an ancient water town,


in a suburb of Shanghai city.


Danièle Sicard


©  Wu Ke  吴可

©  Wu Ke  吴可  -  Wannan Houses  2017  -  ink and color on paper



©  Wu Ke  吴可

©  Wu Ke  吴可  -  Another Shan Shui  别样山水  21.09 26.09 2017  
Chelsea College of Arts  Cookhouse Gallery  London  -  poster



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