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Wang Newone




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“我的理想是在虚拟现实的环境中,我可以扮演很多不同的角色,以不同的面目与身份出现,创作出不同主题的东西与大家分享。 而虚拟世界以外,现实生活中的我,我希望他会越变越小,最后慢慢地消失不见。



Wang Newone  王新一  pinyin Wang Xinyi


Wang Newone was born in Shanghai, China.


Passionate about animation and games, she explores the world of 3D modeling


through the Daz 3D program, and creates her own Digital Art.

  Collective exhibitions  selection

2015, online


Tomorrow’s Party, Beijing, China



Extravagant Imagination, the Wonder of Idleness, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, China

  She lives and works in Shanghai, China.

Danièle Sicard


© Wang Newone  王新



Wang NewOne

Wang NewOne

MadeIn Gallery  Shanghai



© Wang Newone  王新



© Wang Newone  王新



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