Chinese artists by Michel Nau - Wang Kaicheng  王开诚  





Wang Kaicheng




Wang Kaicheng  王开诚 was born in Dongbai Province, North-East China.


Self-taught artist installed in Beijing,  he proposes through installations, a reflection


on individual and collective identity, in Chinese society.

  He lives and works in  Beijing  China.

Danièle Sicard


  Exhibitions  selection


15.06 15.07  XXL  ARTPARIS  Beijing  China


01.10 16.10  Buy No Buy Solo exhibition  ON/gallery  Beijing  China



© Wang Kaicheng 王开诚 - Buy no buy no problem  -  2015  -  installation

                                      Wang Kaicheng 王开诚  -  Buy no buy no problem  -  2015  -  installation



© Wang Kaicheng 王开诚 - Buy No Buy

 Buy No Buy  买不买  -  Wang Kaicheng  王开诚个展
01.10 16.10 2016  ON Gallery  Beijing


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