Chinese artists by Michel Nau - Wang Kaicheng  王开诚  





Wang Kaicheng



  Wang Kaicheng was born in Dongbai Province, North-East China.

Self-taught artist installed in Beijing,  he proposes through installations, a reflection


on individual and collective identity, in Chinese society.

  Exhibitions  selection


15.06 15.07  XXL  ARTPARIS  Beijing  China



01.10 16.10  Buy No Buy Solo exhibition  ON/gallery  Beijing  China

  He lives and works in  Beijing  China.

Danièle Sicard


© Wang Kaicheng 王开诚 - Buy no buy no problem  -  2015  -  installation

                                      Wang Kaicheng 王开诚  -  Buy no buy no problem  -  2015  -  installation



On Gallery  Beijing



© Wang Kaicheng 王开诚 - Buy No Buy

 Buy No Buy  买不买  -  Wang Kaicheng  王开诚个展
01.10 16.10 2016  ON Gallery  Beijing



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