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Song Shimin




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Song Shimin  宋世敏 was born on April, in Shandong Province, East of China. .




She began teaching in a College, in Shandong Province.




She moved to Beijing and joined the Beijing Film Academy.




She won the Top Prize in concept group, during Canon College Competition.


The same year, she was selected as 80 re-Génération photographers of Tomorrow,


sponsored by Elysee Museum Lausanne Switzerland.


She took part to the touring exhibition : reGeneration2 - Photographers 2 of Tomorrow,


in Switzerland 19.06 26.09  Elysee Museum Lausanne.


the in France, in July during the Encounters of Arles.


Danièle Sicard



Song Shimin  宋世敏



Song Shimin  宋世敏



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