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Ma Yongqiang




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Ma Yongqiang  马永强, Sidik W. Martowidjojo was born in Malang, Indonesia.


His family is from Fujian Province of China..


Educated by his parents, he loved painting and calligraphy, from childhood


and continued in autodidact, his research of style, between figurative and abstract..



Attracted by Chinese culture, he went to China in search of his roots.




He held around twenty Solo exhibitions and several collective exhibitions,


through the Indonesian cities (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya) and Chinese cities :


( Beijing, Fuzhou, Shanghai. )


His works are in the collections of China, Korea, United States, Japan, Singapore.


He lives and works in Indonesia.


Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection


13.01 Solo exhibition  China Century Altar World Art Museum  Beijing  China


Touring exhibition  Beijing Shanghai  Fuzhou  China


01.05 13.05  Solo exhibition  Liu Haisu Art Museum  Shanghai  China


Solo exhibition  National Museum of China Beijing  China




Ma Yongqiang  马永强 -  68x136cm  -  2006

Ma Yongqiang  马永强  -  68x136cm  -  2006   


Ma Yongqiang  马永强

Ma Yongqiang  马永强  -  68x136cm  -  2005


Ma Yongqiang  马永强 -  Liu Haisu Museum  Shanghai  -  Exhibition 2007  -  Photo Michel Nau.

Ma Yongqiang  马永强  -  Liu Haisu Museum  Shanghai  -  Exhibition 2007  -  Photo Michel Nau


Ma Yongqiang  马永强  

马永强  Sidik W Martowidjojo  (智光)

Eddy Soetriyono

  catalogue in chinese in indonesian

March 2007


28,5 cm x 27 cm


140 p



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