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Liu Dunyi




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Director of the artists Association of Wuhan
Member of the Chinese Artitss Association of Hubei Province



Liu Dunyi was born in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

He graduated from Wuhan Normal College.



His visits to the popular artists in Henan, Hubei, Shanxi and Sichuan Provinces...
  inspired his works.


He draws from this diverse cultural heritage, merges the concepts of compositions


and colours,blends characters of the real and the imaginary, and accentuates


the harmonyof the background motifs and the general appearance.




He published La peinture chinoise : Paysage des fleurs et des oiseaux, Gansu People's


Publishing House


He won the Wuhan Art Exhibition Award ( 2001 ) ( 2005 )

  He exhibited in France :


24.05 23.06 Danse des Filles de la dynastie Tang  Galerie Impressions  Paris




08.09 30.09 Années éloignées et sentiments constants Galerie Impressions  Paris

Danièle Sicard


© Liu Dunyi  劉敦義





© Liu Dunyi  劉敦義

Liu Dunyi  劉敦義  -  Années éloignées et sentiments constants
09.09 30.09 2017  Galerie Librairie Impressions  Paris



© Liu Dunyi  劉敦義


© Liu Dunyi  劉敦義


© Liu Dunyi  劉敦義



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