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Li Rui




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Li Rui  李睿  was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, in China.


She studied in the China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou.


After graduating, she continued her studies in the University of the Arts Berlin.

  Fisrt Solo exhibition :


29.05 03.06  Around your Face  ifa Gallery  Shanghai


Using a mirror technique, she challenged the traditional approach to portrait,


by painting characters inside glass.




Danièle Sicard



exhibitions  selection



Art Beijing Beijing  China


13.10 19.11 Je suis chinois et toi ? Li Rui - Yang Xun - Mao Tongyan - Fan Juipeng -


Tong Yuanrunan  Nathalie Gas & Bernard Guillon Gallery Paris  France


Right eye -  Left leg IFA Gallery Shanghai  ChinA


Winter Art Gala Matthias Küper Galleries Beijing  China


Bring The Dogs Out IFA Gallery Shanghai  China


29.05 03.06 Around your Face exposition individuelle IFA Gallery  Shanghai  China



 Li Rui  李睿


Li Rui  李睿




Li Rui  李睿 -  Around your Face  -  29.05 03.06 2014  ifa Gallery  Shanghai  -  invitation

Li Rui  李睿  -  Around your Face  
29.05 03.06 2014  ifa Gallery  Shanghai  -  invitation



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