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Lin Fengmian




© Lin Fengmian  林风眠 at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris 1972


© Lin Fengmian  林风眠 at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris 1972


Member of the Shanghai artists Association
Vice president of the Shanghai Chinese artists Association Branch


Lin Fengmian (1900-1991) was born on 22 November in Meixian, in the Guangdong


Province, China.


He was interested in calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting, at a very young age.



He embarked in Shanghai, for France, on December 28, through a curriculum.



He studied drawing at the National School of Fine Arts in Dijon, joined Paris, the next


year, and entered the studio of Fernand Cormon (1845-1924) at the E.N.S.A.



He founded with other students: Liu Jipiao, Wang Daizhi, Wu Dayu, Zeng Yilu and Li Jinfa


the Phoebus Company, behind the Chinese art exhibition that took place on May 21


at the Palace of the Rhine of Strasbourg.



Back in China, he was appointed Director of the Beijing National Special School of Arts.



Invited by Cai Yuanpei, he went to Hangzhou, to create the new Academy of Fine Arts


of which he took the direction.    



He settled in Shanghai.



He gave up teaching to devote himself to painting.


He studied the relationship of ink and color through Western genres or the world


of Chinese Opera.



He was imprisoned four years during the Cultural Revolution and his works were burned.



He moved to Hong Kong and simplified dramatically the forms of the landscape


of Huangshan.



He died in Hong Kong on August 12 in his ninety-first year.



02.05 29.05 Exhibition Of The Existent Art Works of Lin Fengmian Soka Art Center  Beijing.


20.01 05.03  Lin Fengmian  Museum of the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts.


Danièle Sicard


© Lin Fengmian  林风眠  - Lady Holding a Flower - ink and colour on paper

© Lin Fengmian  林风眠 - Lady Holding a Flower - ink and colour on paper


© Lin Fengmian  林风眠  

A pioneer of Modern Chinese Painting

Hong Kong Museum of Art


The Art of Lin Fengmian

Hong Kong


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© Lin Fengmian  林风眠 - Reeds and Wild Geese - ink and color

©  Lin Fengmian  林风眠 - Reeds and Wild Geese - ink and color



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