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Ke Ming




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Member of the Chinese Artists Association
Member of the Permanent Council


Ke Ming  柯明 ( 1923-2014 ) whose real name was Wu Yueren, was born in March,


in Fuzhou, in Southern China.


He was the eldest of a family of five children.




The family moved to Shanghai, then to Nanjing.


He studied at the Gulou School and then at the Experimental High School


of the Central University.



He followed his high school in Guyang, in Guizhou Province.


He continued studying Economics in Chongqing.


After graduation, he entered the National Art School for one year.



He was an art editor at the China Daily News : Xinhua Ribao, in Nanjing


His caricatures also appeared in the People's Daily : Renmin Ribao



He was an art editor at Jiangsu People's Publishing House in Nanjing.


He held a deep interest for researching folk art and he started making


traditional paintings,  depicting people, customs, and landscapes of this region.


He created for the Shanghai Animation Film Studio, the characters of the films


d'animation: Our Good Cat Mimi - The Legend of the Book of Heaven


He also illustrated children's books.



Solo exhibition 60 Lavis and Traditional Paintings  Nanjing


Solo exhibition  Beijing




He died of illness on July 13 in Pittsburghh, United States, at the age of 92.


Danièle Sicard



Ke Ming  柯明



 Ke Ming  柯明


Ke Ming  柯明


 Ke Ming  柯明


Peintures de Ke Ming    

Peintures de Ke Ming



texts : Wang Yanrong, Zhang Xizhu

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