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He Xiangning  何香凝 ( 1878-1972 ) was born on 27, into a wealthy family in Hong Kong.

  She was educated with her brothers.


She was married to Liao Zongkai (1877-1925 ) a Chinese born in the United States


who did not want a woman with bandaged feet.



She joined her husband who left to study Political Science in Japan.




She was one of the first students of the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, then of  


Rainaki Tanaka, in Tokyo.



She returned to China, Shanghai and then Guangzhou, where she fought


for women's rights.



Her training in Japan made her consider as a pioneer in mixing Japanese and


Chinese techniques painting.


Her favorite subjects are plum blossoms, pines, animal painting ( lions, tigers )


and landscapes painting.



After the assassination of her husband, she moved to Hong Kong.



She was the first female, elected President of the Association of Chinese Artists.



She died on September 1, of pneumonia, at the age of 94.


She was buried in the mausoleum of her husband Liao Zongkai, in Nanjing.



On April 18 He Xiangning Art Museum, the first National Museum of Chinese Art,


was opened in Shenzhen, with the name of an artist.


Danièle Sicard



He Xiangning  何香凝



 He Xiangning  何香凝

画高人寿 - 何香凝晚年作品暨手稿展 
Exhibition of Later Works and Manuscripts of He Xiangning 
26.04 07.06 2009  He Xiangning ArtMuseum Shenzhe
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 He Xiangning  何香凝 - 艺术精品展 - 2013年杭州巡展  29.03 09.04 2013  浙江美术馆 - 中国 杭州市

何香凝 - 艺术精品展 - 2013年杭州巡展 
29.03 09.04 2013  浙江美术馆 - 中国 杭州市


© He Xiangning  何香凝 Tomb of Liao Zhongkai and He Xiangning - Nanjing

 Tomb of Liao Zhongkai and He Xiangning - Nanjing



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