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Helen Feng  




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Helen Feng  冯海宁 - photo Ren Hang - chinesenewart



Helen Feng  冯海宁 pinyin  Feng Haining



Helen Feng, nicknamed Blondie of China, like New York singer Debbie Harry


was born in Beiing, China.


She grew up in the United States, Los Angeles.


She learned singing at the age of 4, sang in a choir and then in a band a cappella


singing until the age of 22.



Following a chance meeting with the Director of Viacom, she returned to China.


She was VJ at MTV China.


She also made a radio show on China Radio International.



She founded Ziyo, a popular indie ban, and renamed it Free the Birds in 2010, after

  it changed musical directions.


She co-founded the first electronic group of Chinese rock Pet Conspiracy


and made a European tour.



Her chance encounter with Romain Rodion gave birth to the pop group pop


Nova Heart.electronics.


2011 She participated in Zurich Street Parade / Festival Lethargy  Switzerland.


She performed at U.C.C.A in December, and was invited to the Music Festival


from China Zebra.



Nova Heart is going around the world and got invited :

in February, at Sound Kapital Tour, Australia


in March, at SXSW & Canadian Music Fest,  North America


in June, at c / o pop festival, in Cologne, Germany


in October- November, at MaMa Festival, in Paris  France, at Iceland Airwaves in  Island


and at Vienna Waves in Vienna, Austria.


She created her own records company : Fake Music Media.


Danièle Sicard


source : Helen Feng, la déferlante ! by Léo de Boigisson - Asia Lyst 02.02.2016


  Discography  selection

Pet Conspiracy - China EP ( 2008 )


Like Yesterday (Title Song ) - Young & Clueless ( 2008 )


Free the Birds / Ziyo 自游  - The Return ( EP ) - ( Warner Music China 2008 )


Nova Heart - Beautiful Boys EP ( 2012 )




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