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Professor and Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of Tsinghua University
Vice President of the Association of Chinese of the World
Director of the Calligraphy and Painting Committee of the National Arts Society
And Crafts of China


Han Meilin  韩美林 was born on December 26, in Jinan, Shandong Province, China.



He joined The Central Academy of Arts and Crafts.

He studied under Pang Xunqin  庞薰琴.



He graduated from the Fine Arts department of  ( C.A.A.C )


Tortured during the Cultural Revolution, he was sent to work in a Porcelain factory,


in Huainan, Anhui Province.



His first exhibition at the National Museum of China attracted 200,000 visitors in 21 days



He exhibited his works in 21 cities of the United States, including Boston and New York.


In the same year, The Fox ad the Hunter, his animated film, won the best prize at the 4th


International Animation Festival in Zagreb, Croatia.




Six of his works were chosen for Christmas cards issued by the United Nations;



Three exhibitions at The Crown Art Centre in Taipei, Taiwan.


1991 / 1994

He hold various exhibitions in Canada, ( Toronto, Ontario ), Malaysia, in Hong Kong,

  and in India.


The National Arts Gallery in Beijing exhibited more than three thousands pieces.


26.11 08.02  Han Meilin National Museum of China, Beijing
  28.10 28.02  The Universe of  Han Meilin, as part of La Mostra, Venice

10.03 26.04  Amour de la paix Le monde de Meilin à Paris Cultura Centrel of China  Paris


Besides painting, drawing, sculpture, calligraphy, ceramics, glass, his works are very




the phoenix logo for Air China



He designed Five dragons  Clock Tower, the monumental sculpture  (10 m high), for the 26th


Olympic Games in Atlanta.



He made himself famous worldwide with his Fuwa, five dolls mascots created


for the Beijing Olympics, in the colors of the Olympic flag.



He realized the statue of Guan Yu in Jingzhou, a monumental sculpture housing a museum.


He is the author of some fifty publications on painting, drawing, calligraphy


and an autobiography

  His works are in the collections
China National Museum of China
Egypt National Museum 
France French Academy
Italy University Ca'Foscari Venice
Russia National Museum of Russia
United Kingdom British Museum
United States Massachussetts Institute of Technology

He has three Art museums : in Beijing, Hangzhou and Yinchuan.



In recognition of his commitment to the promotion of Art and Education Artistic in China,


through his foundation created in 2013, he was named, Artist of Peace.

  He lives and works in Beijing  China.

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Han Meilin  韩美林


© Han Meilin  韩美林





Han Meilin  韩美林

Le monde de Meilin à Paris
Amour de la paix
美林的世界在巴黎 - 和平之爱特展
The World of Meilin - Love of Peace
10.03 26.04 2017  Centre Culturel de Chine  Paris



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