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Gu Gongdu




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Member of the Chinese Artists Association
Member of the Shanghai Artists Association
Member of the Shanghai Watercolour Research Association
Associate Member of the National Society of Fine Arts of France


Gu Gongdu was born in Qidong, in Jiangsu Province, China


As a child, he moved to Shanghai.



After high school, he entered the Shanghai School of Fine Arts.



He graduated and was offered a teaching position.


He participated in many national exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai,


but also abroad, in Denmark, the United States, France, Japan, Switzerland,


and the United Kingdom.


He is known for his watercolours but also for his portraits of personalities,


and artists.



On September 6, he moved to France to study Western painting, and compare it


 to Oriental painting.

  He lives and works in France.

Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection  


Solo exhibition  Mairie du 7ème  Paris  France


Solo exhibition  Galerie des Beaux-Arts Lyon  France


Solo exhibition  Galerie Séguier  Paris  France


Solo exhibition  Galerie Etienne de Causans  Paris  France


Six exhibitions with her wife 


Salon d'Automne - Salon des Indépendants


15.02 15.04 A la Découverte du Monde Pictural de Gu Gongdu  Hôtel Labenche
  Brive-La Gaillarde



Gu Gongdu  顾公度 - Spring   春  2010

Gu Gongdu  顾公度 - Spring  春 - oïl on canvas  2010


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Gu Gongdu

Librairie You-Feng


Aquarelles, peintures & dessins



texts : James Kou, Danielle Lucas


  catalogue in french  

29 cm x 21 cm


113 p


isbn : 2 906658 85 5



Gu Gongdu  顾公度 - Outskirts of Paris  巴黎郊外 2010

Gu Gongdu  顾公度 - Outskirts of Paris  巴黎郊外 - oil on canvas  2010



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