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Fu Shuda




Fu Shuda  傅叔达 ( ? - 1960 ) was a traditional painter.


1937 /1941

He lived in the United States, illustrating books.

He taught in Guilin, worked for British Government in India, lived in Singapore  


and returned to settle in China, as an artist in Shanghai.




He contacted a cancer.




He died after a period of imprisonment.

We can know his works thanks to his frienship with Geoffrey Hedley, an official


of the British Council and responsible for cultural liaison who built a chinese paintings


collection, bequeathed to Khoan (1919-2003) and Michael Sullivan (1916-2013).


Danièle Sicard



Fu Shuda  傅叔达

Bamboo on Rock   Fu Shuda
a striking work that may refer to a poem by Zheng Xie (1693-1766), about bamboo growing out of rocks  
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