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Feng Zikai






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Vice-Chairman of Joint Federation of Littérature and Arts in Shanghai


Feng Zikai  丰子恺  ( 1898-1975 ),was born on 9 november in Shimenwan, Zhejiang


Province, in China.



He joined the Zhejiang First Normal School, under Li Shutong  李叔同 ( 1880-1942 ).



After graduating he studied Art and music, in Shanghai.




He co-founded with Liu Zhiping, the Shanghai Private Arts University.




He travelled to Japan and studied in Kawabata Painting School in Tokyol and discovered

the manga with Takehisa Yumeji ( 1884-1934 ).



Upon his return, he settled in Shanghai and taught Art and music, in Zhejiang University,


and in National Academy of Art, Chongqing.



  He began to draw manhua inspired by the life of his three children and he published
  his illustrations with commentaries in newspapers which made him famous.

His children drawings earned him the nickname of Children artist.



He was an editor with Kaiming Press.



He was president of Shanghai Academy.


He died on 15 September, of lung cancer, in Shanghai.


In honor of the artist, the award created to promote Chinese Children's Picture Books


was named :The Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award.



His house in Shanghai was converted into a museum.



The Hong Kong Museum of Art devoted him a large exhibition. (More than 300 works)


12.04 24.05 Imperishable Affection: The Art of Feng Zikai


Danièle Sicard




Feng Zikai  丰子恺


Feng Zikai  丰子恺



 Feng Zikai, un caricaturiste lyrique edtions l'harmattan 2018  

Feng Zikai, un caricaturiste lyrique



Dialogue du mot et du trait

Paris 01.01 2018


Marie Laureillard


postface   Danielle Elisseeff


24 cm x 15,5 cm


404 p


isbn  :  978 2 343 13586 1   





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