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Fei Chengwu




© Fei Chengwu  费成武   portrait



Fei Chengwu ( 1914-2001 ) was born in Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province, China.


He entered the Central University of Nanjing.

  ( Art  Department )

There he met his future wife, also a painter : Chang Chien-Ying ( 1913-2004 )


He studied under the supervision of  Xu Beihong and followed the latter, in Chongqing.


He was appointed Associate Professor in the Arts Department of the Central University.



The couple obtained a scholarship and went to study in the United Kingdom.



They entered the Slade School of Art and studied there for three years.



They married and decided to settle permanently in London  United Kingdom.


Danièle Sicard


© Fei Chengwu  费成武 -  oil on canvas  1948.

Fei Chengwu  费成武  -  oil on canvas  1948.


© Fei Chengwu  费成武


© Fei Chengwu  费成武


(左起) 徐悲鸿、费成武、陈晓南、张倩英(费成武夫人)、孙宗慰



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