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Fang Rending




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Fang Rending  方人定 ( 1901-1975 )was born in June in Zhongshan, Guangdong


Province  China.



He studied at the Chunshui Academy, under the direction of Gao Jianfu ( 1879-1951 )



He entered the Guangdong National Law School, but more attracted to painting,

  he abandoned.


He won the Golden Award at the Brussels International Exhibition.



He went to Japan to study at the Kawabata School of Art in Tokyo.



He participated in the exhibition of ten Chinese artists living in Japan, organized


by the Chinese Independent Art Association of which he was a member.



He lived two years in the United States during which he exhibited individually


in New York, Los Angeles and in the Modern Art Museum of San Francisco.




Back in Hong Kong, he created with other artists, a company whose the first


exhibition took place in February and the second in Shanghai in October.




He taught at various institutions in Guangdong and was appointed Vice-Dean


of the Guangzhou Painting Academy.



He died in March at the age of 74.


Danièle Sicard


 Fang Rending  方人定 - The portrait of Wen Tianxiang

Fang Rending  "The portrait of Wen Tianxiang"  -  ink and color on paper


Fang Rending  方人定 - Flower fair

Fang Rending  "Flower fair"  -  ink and color on paper



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