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Dora Hsiung  李南琛  pinyin  Li Nanchen



Dora Hsiung  李南琛 whose real name is Nan-son Lee, was born in Shanghai  China.



The family settled for five years in Hong Kong, then in Brazil and in the United States.


She studied at the University of Illinois.


Graduated with a Bachelor's degre in Fine Arts, she continued her studies at Boston


University and obtained a diploma in Commercial Art and Design.


Married to a student, she worked on silkscreen prints then experimented off-loom-weaving.

  She wraps the fibers of varying colors on geometric armatures.


First major exhibition, during the bicentennial celebration of the city of Boston.


Her wall hangings of various shapes (circles, triangles, cubes, tetrahedra) large-scale  


installations and sculptures, play with contrasts.


Numerous exhibitions in The United States and abroad.


She lives and works in Newton  Massachusetts  United States.


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                          Dora Hsiung - fiber artist                                                   



Dora Hsiung  李南琛


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 Dora Hsiung  李南琛


 Dora Hsiung - Chromatic Constructions  

Dora Hsiung  


Chromatic Constructions

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