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Dong Xiwen




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Member of the Chinese Artists Association



Dong Xiwen ( 1914-1973 ) was born on June 27, in Shaoxing,  Zhejiang Province,


in China.



He entered The Fine Art School of Suzhou, led by Yan Wenliang.



He studied at the College of Art in Hangzhou, held by Lin Fengmian.



He joinedThe Fine Art School of  Liu Haisu, in Shanghai

  After graduating, he continued his training in Indochina, in Hanoi.


He went to Dunhuang for two and a half years, assisting  Chang Shuhong, in the copy


of mural paintings, in the caves of Mogao.



He taught at the National Academy of Art, in Beijing.


He was a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing


He joined the Communist Party, in December.



He was commisionned to create a work that commemorated the great historical event,
  the etablishment of the Republic of China, at Tiananman square on October 1, 1949.

On 27.09  the painting was printed on the front page of the People's Daily.


The Founding Ceremony of the Nation, became the most famous of the official Chinese


Art. and was revised three times. 1955 - 1972 - 1976.



He went to Tibet Three times and created many works.


He passed away on January 8, due a stomac cancer, at the age of 59.


Large commemorative exhibition of Dong Xiwen, to celebrate his 100th anniversary:


19.12 08. 01 The Oil Painting of Chinese Style  C.A.F.A. Art Museum  Beijing  China.


Danièle Sicard


© Dong Xiwen  董希文- At Construction Site of the Railway

Dong Xiwen  "At Construction Site of the Railway"  1963



© Dong Xiwen  董希文 - Retrospective Exhibition of Dong Xiwen on His 100th Birthday

Retrospective Exhibition of Dong Xiwen on His 100th Birthday  -  poster




© Dong Xiwen  董希文- In Praise of the Himalayas - Oil on Canvas  1963

 Dong Xiwen  董希文  "In Praise of the Himalayas" - Oil on Canvas  1963


© Dong Xiwen  董希文-  The Founding Ceremony 1953

 Dong Xiwen  董希文  "The Founding Ceremony" - Oil Painting 1953



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