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Ding Zhengxian




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Ding Zhengxian  丁正献   ( 1914-2000 ) was born in November, in Shengxian, Zhejiang


Province  China.



He went to study at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts.



He was a graduate ( Painting department )


Under the direction of Ni Yide,he was part of the team of the section of Fine Arts


performing propaganda in Wuhan and participated in the organization of the engraving


at national scales.



He was elected Executive Member of the Woodcutting Society.



He was Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Zhejiang. (engraving department )




He passed away in October, at the age of 86.



On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the artist's birth, the Zhejiang Museum


organized Symposium on a retrospective of his works.


Danièle Sicard




© Ding Zhengxian  丁正献 

Ding Zhengxian  丁正献 - 1980 Huangshan Castle Peak after the rain 30.5x45.5cm


Ding Zhengxian  丁正献 - woodcut 1950  58x76.5cm 

Ding Zhengxian  丁正献 - woodcut  1950  58x76.5cm


Ding Zhengxian  丁正献 - Huangshan  35.5x21.5cm  1959

Ding Zhengxian  丁正献 - Huangshan  35.5x21.5cm  1959


© Ding Zhengxian  丁正献 - color portrait woodcut 1938 18x14.5cm

Ding Zhengxian  丁正献- color portrait woodcut 1938 18x14.5cm



Ding Zhengxian  丁正献  - Zhejiang Art Museum  15.10 2014 - Symposium on - Retrospective Exhibition for 100th Birthday of Ding Zhengxian - poster

Zhejiang Art Museum  15.10 2014 - Symposium on

"Retrospective Exhibition for 100th Birthday of Ding Zhengxian"




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