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Ding Fuzhi




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Ding Fuzhi 丁辅之 ( 1879-1949 ) was born on 14.08 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province  China.


He was the founding member of Xiling Seal-Carving Association created to play a role


in the development and research of the art of seal, painting and calligraphy.



He created with his brother, a square seal, for the poetry collection of the Zhonghua


Publishing House, Shanghai.


Bibliophile, he was at the origin of a series of publications of essays and poems.


He is best known for his seal sculptures and his paintings of plum blossoms and fruits

  in which he employed a pointillist technique.


He passed away on July 12th, at the age of 70.

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 Ding Fuzhi  丁辅之



 Ding Fuzhi  丁辅之



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