Chinese artists by Michel Nau - Deng Xuefeng  鄧雪峰   





Deng Xuefeng




Deng Xuefeng  鄧雪峰  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart



Deputy Secretary-General of the Taipei Association of Fine Arts


Deng Xuefeng   鄧雪峰 was born in Sichuan Province  China.


He studied Art in Taiwan and became a watercolor painter.


Numerous exhibitions in Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and in the United Kingdom.


In recent years, suffering from an early dementia, his painting changed.


To bright colors follow monotonous tones, the realistic style makes room for abstraction :


dots, lines, blocks of colors.   


Danièle Sicard



Deng Xuefeng  鄧雪峰 



 Deng Xuefeng  鄧雪峰 



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