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Cindy Jian




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Cindy Jian  简丹  pinyin Jian Dan


Cindy Jian  简丹 was born in the South of China.


As a teenager, she moved with her family in Vancouver and then in California.

  She took painting classes in Art Academia, San Mateo and was formed one
  semester in printmaking at The Oxbow School.


She studied in the Maryland Institute College of Art ( M.I.C.A. )



She graduated B.F.A. ( Environmental Design ) and continued her studies.


She obtained her Master degree in Arts ( Social Design ) from M.I.C.A.


She created several temporary installations promoting interactions among


people , in public spaces.


She lives and works in San Francisco. U.S.A..


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Cindy Jian                                                                                  



© Cindy Jian 简丹


Cindy Jian 简丹


Cindy Jian 简丹



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