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Chen Yifeng




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Member of the National Chinese Artists Association


Chen Yifeng was born in Yulin, Guangxi Province, in China.




He graduated from the Guangxi Academy of Arts. ( Oil painting section )



First exhibition at the Guangxi Museum, Nanning.




He continued his studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.


Graduated with a Master's degree, he taught in Guangdong Huizhou Academy of Art




He won the Merite award in the 2nd exhibition of contemporary art in  Guangdong ( 2003 )


and in the 1st exhibition of traditional Art  ( 2005 ) and the gold medal in the 5th Chinese


Art exhibition of Guangdong.



26.07 06.08  S Yongkang Lu Art Shanghai


Danièle Sicard


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Chang He Gallery  Singapore, Beijing, Boston




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