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Chen Xiaocui




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Chen Xiaocui  陈小翠 ( 1907-1968 ) was born in Zhejiang Province, East of China.


His father was a great popular novelist from Hangzhou. Her older brother painted.


As a child, she showed her talents as a poet, composing verses.



She studied painting with artists Yang Shiyou and Feng Chaoran ( 1882-1954 ).


Her traditional Chinese paintings ( pretty women, birds, flowers, mountains and rivers )


delight with their freshness.



With Feng Wenfeng, Wu Qingxia, Xie Yuemei, Gu Fei and other female artists, she created


the Shanghai Calligraphy and Painting Society and participate in their first annual exhibition.


After founding the People's Republic of China, she worked as a professional painter


at the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy.



She died at the age of 61.


Danièle Sicard


Chen Xiaocui  陈小翠



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