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Chen Lyusheng




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Chen Lyusheng  陈履生  pinyin Chen Lüsheng


Deputy Director of the National Museum of China
President of the Chinese Institute of Art of the Han Dynasty Han
Director of the Qi Baishi International Art Research Center
Director of the Department of Fine Arts Research of New China
from the Xi'an Fine Arts School

de l’École supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Xi’an,
Director of the Institute of Research on Calligraphy and Painting of Confucius Class
Member of the Association of Chinese Artists


Chen Lyusheng    陈履生 was born in Yangzhong, Jiangsu Province, South-West China.



He obtained his Bachelor in Art, and continued his studies thanks to the Liu Haisu


He graduated with a Master's degree in History of Art and Criticism, from the Department


of Fine Arts, Nanjing University of the Arts.


In the same year, he joined People's Fine Art Publishing House, as an editor,


then as Director of the Classical Art Department.


His work ( painting, calligraphy, photography ) imbued with traditional Chinese painting,


in which he integrates contemporary concepts, is exhibited in China and abroad.


Danièle Sicard


Awards  selection


Literary Criticism and Art Award  Beijing  China


Annual prize for theoretical innovation.


He was elected Outstanding Researcher by the Ministry of Culture.


He was appointed Deputy Director of the National Museum of China.





  exhibitions  selection


28.07 18.08 From Amazon to Iguassu  从亚马逊到伊瓜苏  Photos of Brazil by Chen Lyusheng


Parkview Art  Beijing  China


08.06 22.06 The Fundamental : the Literati Painting of Chen Lyusheng Fine Art Museum


Jinan  China


12.12 22.12 Chen Lyusheng Cultura Centre of China Paris  France



Chen Lyusheng  陈履生


Chen Lyusheng  陈履生


Chen Lyusheng  陈履生





Chen Lyusheng  陈履生 - From Amazon to Iguassu  -  从亚马逊到伊瓜苏  -  Photos of Brazil by Chen Lyusheng  -  陈履生巴西摄影展 -  28.07 18.08 2013  Parkview Art  Beijing -  poster 

From Amazon to Iguassu
Photos of Brazil by Chen Lusheng 
28.07 18.08 2013  Parkview Art  Beijing 



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