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Chen Jinfang




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Chen Jinfang  陈锦芳 was born in Tainan, Taiwan.



1963 / 1970

He obtained a scholarship from the French government to continue his studies


at Paris University : a Master degree in Contemporary French Literature and


a Doctor degree of Contemporary Art History.



He went to the United States. He gave lectures and exhibited his works..



American citizen he lived in New York.



To commemorate the centenary of freedom, he created his series The Spirit of Liberty 


(100 works)



For the celebration of Van Gogh's centenary of death, he created Post Van Gogh.



Dr.TF série rétrospective Chen 1951-1996 (160 works  ) were exhibited in New York


and Tapei Fine Art Museum and Kaohsiung Cultural Centre.



The  Princess Diana  series ( 36 works ) to honor the Princess.
  He lives and works in United States.

Danièle Sicard




Exhibitions  selection


06.09 14.09 Dr.TF Chen's Art and Olympics: An Art for Humanity  Zhu Qizhan Art Museum


Shanghai  China


06 11 09 11 Fine Art Beijing 09  National Agriculture Exhibition Center  Beijing  China


18.10 18.11 New World Art Center  Beijing  China


19.04 30.04 New World Art Center  Beijing  China


05.06 30.10 Dr TF TF Chen's Art Museum Shanghai  China



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Chen Jinfang  陈锦芳

Chen Jinfang  陈锦芳  -  Urban Gleaners


Chen Jinfang  陈锦芳


Chen Jinfang  陈锦芳


 Taipei Paris t Trois Peintres Mousquetaires au contact de l'Europe  

Taipei Paris  -  Trois Peintres Mousquetaires

Museum of Modern Art  


au Contact de L'Europe



prefaced by  :  Mun-Lee Lin

December 1998


texts  :  Lifa Shaih, Shiou-Ping Liao,


Tsing-Fang Chen


Catalogue of the exhibition 22.12 1998 29.01 1999


Centre Culturel et d'Informtion de Taipei  Paris

  in chinese  in french  

30 cm x 21 cm


108 p



 陈锦芳博士  -  “为人类而艺术世界巡回展”中国展 - 06.09 14.09 2008  Zhu Qizhan Art Museum  Shanghai  -  poster

陈锦芳博士  -  “为人类而艺术世界巡回展”中国展
06.09 14.09 2008  Zhu Qizhan Art Museum  Shanghai



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