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Chen Jian




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puty Director of Beijing Art Association Watercolor Painting Committee
Deputy Director and secretary general of the Watercolor Art Committee
of the Chinese Artists Association Beijing
Vice-President of Beijing Watercolor Society Beijing

Executive Editor of Contemporary Watercolor China


Chen Jian   陈坚 was born in Qingdao, in Shandong Province, China, in a family


of electrical wiring plant engineers.


Famous watercolorist, he finds his inspiration by what surrounds him, and he


captures a particular and fleeting moment, and brings a poetic vision.


He participated in numerous National and International exhibitions and won


several times the recognition award with hisTajik shepherdesses.


Danièle Sicard


Collections selection  


Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China


Museum of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 


Museum of Fine Arts of China


Hubei Fine Arts Museum.

  Exhibitions  selection


22.05 31.05  Esprit de la simplicité  Cultural Center of  China  Paris  France.


17.02 23.05  Riddle - Love  Cultural Center of  China  Sydney  Australia.


22.09 11.03  Un monde secret  Asian Art Museum  Nice  France.



Chen Jian  陈坚 - Tajik Woman in Red  -  watercolor 76x56cm  2013

Chen Jian  陈坚  -  Tajik Woman in Red  -  watercolor 76x56cm  2013


Chen Jian  陈坚 - watercolor  

Chen Jian  陈坚  -  watercolor


Chen Jian  陈坚 - watercolor  

Chen Jian  陈坚  -  watercolor


陈坚作品 - 中国当代水影名家 - catalogue 2012  


Zhejiang peoples Fine Arts




  catalogue in chinese  

isbn  :  978-7534032691


263 p

Chen Jian  陈坚  - Un monde secret - catalogue exhibition 2017-2018 - Musée des Arts Asiatiques Nice  

Un monde secret


Aquarelles de Chen Jian


Catalogue exhibition 22.09 2017 31.03 2018


Musée des Arts Asiatiques  Nice


Texts  : Sylvie de Galléani, Shang Hui,


Yin Shuangxi, Chen Jian


28 x 24cm


in french





Chen Jian  陈坚 Un monde secret  -  Aquarelles de Chen Jian 22.09 2017  11.03 2018  Musée des Arts Asiatiques  Nice

Un monde secret  -  Aquarelles de Chen Jian 
22.09 2017  11.03 2018  Musée des Arts Asiatiques  Nice



 Chen Jian  陈坚 -  Chants de Vitas  -  2009  -  détail 

Chen Jian  陈坚  


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