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Chen Jian




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puty Director of Beijing Art Association Watercolor Painting Committee
Deputy Director and secretary general of the Watercolor Art Committee
of the Chinese Artists Association Beijing
Vice-President of Beijing Watercolor Society Beijing

Executive Editor of Contemporary Watercolor China


Chen Jian was born in Qingdao, in Shandong Province, China, in a family of electrical


wiring plant engineers.


Famous watercolorist, he finds his inspiration by what surrounds him, and he captures


a particular and fleeting moment, and brings a poetic vision.


He participated in numerous National and International exhibitions and won several


times the recognition award with hisTajik shepherdesses.


His works are in the collections of the Museums :  Museum of Fine Arts of China,


Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China, Museum of the Guangzhou


Academy of Fine Arts , Hubei Fine Arts Museum.

  Exhibitions  selection


22.05 31.05  Esprit de la simplicité  Cultural Center of  China  Paris  France.


17.02 23.05  Riddle - Love  Cultural Center of  China  Sydney  Australia.


22.09 11.03  Un monde secret  Asian Art Museum  Nice  France.


Danièle Sicard


© Chen Jian  陈坚 - Tajik Woman in Red  -  watercolor 76x56cm  2013

©  Chen Jian  陈坚  -  Tajik Woman in Red  -  watercolor 76x56cm  2013


© Chen Jian  陈坚 


© Chen Jian  陈坚 


© Chen Jian  陈坚 - 中国当代水影名家 - catalogue 2012  


Zhejiang peoples Fine Arts




  catalogue in chinese  

isbn  :  978-7534032691


263 p



© Chen Jian  陈坚 Un monde secret  -  Aquarelles de Chen Jian 22.09 2017  11.03 2018  Musée des Arts Asiatiques  Nice

Un monde secret  -  Aquarelles de Chen Jian 
22.09 2017  11.03 2018  Musée des Arts Asiatiques  Nice



© Chen Jian  陈坚 


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