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Cheng Ming





Cheng Ming  郑明  pinyin Zheng Ming


Cheng Ming was born in Hong Kong.


He graduated from the N.T.N.U. ( Fine Arts department ), Taiwan.


He won Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Art Awards, in calligraphy.


He took part to the exhibition in Hong Kong Museum of Arts : Hong Kong Artists Series



He created a Great Talent Painting Center.
  He taught part-time in Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  Painter, calligrapher, he wrote five books on the theory and the technique
  of Chinese Art.
  He took part to 15 Solo exhibitions and 60 Collective exhibitions.

Danièle Sicard


© Cheng Ming  郑明 - The Way to Qin Mountain Peak

Cheng Ming  "The Way to Qin Mountain Peak"  ink and color on paper  1996



© Cheng Ming  郑明 - Painting and Calligraphy of Chen Ming  


The Department of Fine Arts


Painting and Calligraphy of Chen Ming


texts : Liu Kuo-Song, Wucious Wong

  catalogue in english  in chinese  
  79 p  


© Cheng Ming  郑明  - No Smooth Journey at the High Mountains 1989

Cheng Ming  No Smooth Journey at the High Mountains  ink and color on paper  1989



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