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Chang Renxia




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Founder of the Chinese Art History Society


Chang Renxia  常任侠  (1904-1996), aka Ji Qing, was born in Fuyang, Anhui Province,


in China.


Very young, he learned poetry.


He entered the Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts.




He went to study literature and the History of Oriental Art in Japan, at the


School of the Imperial University of Tokyo.



He taught at the Chongqing Art Academy and co-chaired the excavation


ararchaeological site of the tombs of Jiangbei.



He taught at the University of Calcutta in India.


 As Poet, he composed more than 1,500 poems and wrote numerous works


on Art.



On October 25, he died of heart and lung failure in Beijing at the age of 93.


Danièle Sicard



Chang Renxia  常任侠

"The Eulogy for Hu Yao Bang"  by Chang Renxia



Chang Renxia  常任侠

Wei Qimei  "Chang Renxia's Portrait"  38x29.5 cm pencil on paper  1956



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