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Bai Xueshi




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Bai Xueshi  白雪石  ( 1915-2011 ) was born in Beijing  China.


He began painting since his childhood.



He explored the Huangshan Mountains, Mount Taishan, theThree Gorges region,


and brought back his unique landscape paintings.


1954 / 1963

He taught in Beijing Art Normal College.



1964 / 1984

He was a professor at the Academy of Art and Crafts ( C.A.A.C. ) in Beijing.


The use of several plans, the presence of a light source characterize his works,


some of which have an estimated value between 50000 and 70000 euros in the auctions.



He died in Beijing on April 22 at 1:50 pm at the age of 96.


Danièle Sicard




Bai Xueshi  白雪石



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