Chinese artists by Michel Nau - Zhou Qiaoyun  周巧云  





Zhou Qiaoyun






Zhou Qiaoyun  周巧云 was born in 1974 in Qidong  China.


She took part to the exhibition :


Neo-Perception -  China’s New Generation of Women Artists


31.08 15.11 2015  PearlLam Galleries  Shanghai.


Fire Within - A New Generation of Chinese Women Artists


27.08 2016 12.02 2017 Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum  Michigan.




Danièle Sicard




Zhou Qiaoyun



Zhou Qiaoyun  周巧云


  In her ink on paper series 36.9 Degrees Zhou Qiaoyun  周巧云 reflects at the same time her understanding
and her disillusionment and collision with reality that come with being middle-aged



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