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Yu Jianhua




Yu Jianhua  俞建华  -  portrait - chinesenewart


Yu Jianhua  俞建华  ( 1895-1979 ) was born in Jinan, Shandong Province  China.


He studied under the guidance of Chen Hengke and began teaching at the Academy

  of Fine Arts in Shanghai, then to the University of Arts in Nanjing.

Painter, calligrapher, Art historian and critic, he was the author of  an History o the


chinese painting in two volumes ( 1937 ) and many other works.

  Daniele Sicard


Yu Jianhua 俞建华 - 俞建华  雾弥秋山图  1961

 俞建华  雾弥秋山图  1961


Yu Jianhua 俞建华 - 俞建华  江宾茶话Yu Jianhua 俞建华 - 俞建华  江宾茶话

俞建华  江宾茶话



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