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Wenyan Lü




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Wenyan Lü  吕文岩  pinyin Lü Wenyan


Wenyan Lü  吕文岩 graduated from the Normal University of Harbin ( Fine Arts department )




He continued his studies in painting flowers and birds, at the Central Academy of Art,


under Zhang Lichen, Guo Yizong, Zhao Ningan, Jin Hongyun and Xu Jizhuang.


He is a Professor at the School of Art, of the Institute of Science and Technology

  of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

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Wenyan Lü  吕文岩


 Wenyan Lü  吕文岩


 Wenyan Lü  吕文岩

 Wenyan Lü  吕文岩


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