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Wang Ziyue




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Wang Ziyue  王子月 was born in Linyi, Shandong Province, in China.




She was the initiator of the Art Project : Review + Note, at the site of Zhuantang


dismantling Area.



She graduated from the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou.

She was one of the curators of the exhibition : 30 Years of experimental Theatre,


in Ming Yuan Contemporary Art Museum.

  She lives and works in Hangzhou  China.

Danièle Sicard



Solo exhibitions  selection



25.09 25.10 Relax, The Force Has Got Your Back Tabula Rasa Gallery Beijing  China


23.04 10.06 Broken Idols ErSha Island Guangzhou  China


Novel of Poem Kyoto Art Center Kyoto  Japan


The Sixth Day Tabula Rasa Gallery Beijing  China



Collective exhibitions  selection




The BAD LAND Art BA-BA Space Shanghai  China


12.09 02.10 Art Project at the Site of Zhuantang - Dismantling Area Nanjing Art Miuseum  China


23.11 31.03 10 th Biennial Power Station Shanghai  China



Wang Ziyue  王子月


Wang Ziyue  王子月


Wang Ziyue  王子月


Wang Ziyue  王子月


Wang Ziyue  王子月



Wang Ziyue  王子月 -  Relax, the force has got your back 25.09 25.10 2015  Tabula Rasa Gallery  Beijing -  invitation  -

Wang Ziyue 王子月  Relax, the force has got your back
 25.09 25.10 2015  Tabula Rasa Gallery  Beijing
-  invitation  -


Wang Ziyue  王子月 - Broken Idols 破碎的偶像  23.04 10.06 2016  ErSha Island  Guangzhou  -  poster  -

Wang Ziyue 王子月  Broken Idols 破碎的偶像
 23.04 10.06 2016  ErSha Island  Guangzhou
 -  poster  -



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