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Tehching Hsieh




Tehching Hsieh  謝德慶  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


謝德慶 pinyin Xie Deqing


Tehching Hsieh  謝德慶 was born on 31st December, in Nanchou, in the South of Taiwan.



He abandonned High school for painting, and Performances.


For his first performance Jumping, he jumped from the second floor of a building

  and fractured his two ankles.

He wanted leave Taiwan to discover Art.


He enlisted the Navy to join the United States, disembarked illegaly and joined


New York.



He began his series of Five performances per year One Year Performance


in which he worked on confinement, the notion of time and space, isolation.



On December 31st, he swore that he would not reveal anything of his Art until

  his 49th birthday.

It would be his last performance : Thirteen-Year-Plan..



On 1st January, he completely stopped making Art.


21.01 18.05 MOMA presented 365 photographs of its confinement in a cage.



The artist represented Taiwan at the 57th Venice Biennial.


Danièle Sicard



Performances selection


1978 - 1979       Cage Piece


1980 - 1981      Time Clock Piece


1981 - 1982       Piece Outdoor     


1983 - 1984       Rope Piece 


1985 - 1986       No Art Piece


1986 - 1999      Thirteen Year Plan



Tehching Hsieh                                                 




Tehching Hsieh  謝德慶


Tehching Hsieh  謝德慶


Tehching Hsieh  謝德慶


Tehching Hsieh  謝德慶



Tehching Hsieh - TEHCHING HSIEH  1986 - 1999
- poster -


Tehching Hsieh  : The Lifeworks of TEHCHING HSIEH  
14.03 2015  New York
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