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Liu Tao






Liu Tao 刘涛 was born in Jiangxi Province, in Southeast of China.




He was one of the most promising photographers of his generation.


He received the prize of Shanghaï Youth Biennale for his series A Weak Road.




He obtained the special jury price : la Bourse du Talent 2016, in the reporting category,


for Shanghai Tian Wai realized in 2014.


The same year, his series Spotting Zone was exhibited at the Grand Palais, Paris  France.



03.02 25.03 Ensauvager le monde  Folia Gallery Paris  France.

This first individual exhibition in France took over the artist's three major series :


 A Weak Road (2012), Hungry Beijing, (2013) and Shanghai Tian Wai (2014).


Its bears witness to his unique path.


Liu Tao wanders in the outskirts of Shanghai and Beijing as the performers of


East-Villag of the 90s.


His presence in the photographs wants to reflect us on China, this society in full


expansion and poses the Metaphysical problem of the place of man in the world.

  He lives and works in Beijing  China.

Danièle Sicard




exhibtions selection



 09.03 31.03 Liu Tao  刘涛  Homeland  精神家园  Stageback Gallery Shanghai  China


24.07 21.08 XXL Artparis - Beijing ON Gallery Beijing  China


16.05 15.07 Micro-Narrative ( Youngs artists )Shone-Show Galery Beijing  China


 24.07 21.08 The End Of The World As We Know It Cospace Gallery Shanghai  China


03.11 04.12 踩点 刘涛个展  SPOTTING ZONE  ON Gallery Beijing  China


03.02 25.03 Ensauvager le monde Folia Gallery Paris France





Liu Tao 刘涛


Liu Tao 刘涛


Liu Tao 刘涛


 Liu Tao 刘涛


Liu Tao 刘涛 - The Week Around  

LIU TAO  -  The Week Around



text: Philippe de Vita



33 cm x 28 cm


42 p



isbn / 978 1 32 019860 8


+ 1 photo original print 17 cm x 26 cm


numbered, signed 100 copies





 Liu Tao  刘涛  Homeland  精神家园  09.03 31.03 2013  Stageback Gallery  Shanghai  -  poster  -

 Liu Tao  刘涛  Homeland  精神家园  
09.03 31.03 2013  Stageback Gallery  Shanghai
 -  poster  -


 踩点  SPOTTING ZONE  刘涛个展  LIU TAO  Solo Exhibition  03.11 04.12 2016 ON Gallery  Beijing  
-  poster  -

 踩点  SPOTTING ZONE  刘涛个展  
LIU TAO  Solo Exhibition  
03.11 04.12 2016 ON Gallery  Beijing
 -  poster  -



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