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Liu Kaiyun




Liu Kaiyun © photo Michel Nau - chinesenewart


Deputy Editor of the magazine "Jianghan Forum", Hubei Academy
Vice President of the magazine "Open Time"


Liu Kaiyun was born in Dangyang, Hubei Province, China.



He graduated in Science from Zhongnan University.


He studied painting alone, while teaching economics at the University of Finance


from Guangdong


Calligrapher, painter, engraver of seals, he participated in many exhibitions


in China, Beijing, Guangzhou, Haiku and Shanghai, as well as in Australia, Japan


and in United States.

  First exhibition in France :


28.09 08.10 la poésie de l'encre Cultural Centre : Le Patronage Laïque Jules Vallès  Paris


Danièle Sicard


 © Liu Kaiyun



Gallery Double S  Paris




 © Liu Kaiyun


 © Liu Kaiyun - La Poésie de l'encre


 © Liu Kaiyun


 Liu Kaiyun et Michel Nau - © photo Michel Nau

Liu Kaiyun
et Michel Nau



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