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Jie Wang






Jie Wang © photo Michel Nau - chinesenewart


王杰 pinyin Wang Jie


Jie Wang  王杰 was born in Shanghai  China.



She moved to France.
  Fascinated by the French poetry, she translated into Chinese, numerous poems

of Charles Baudelaire, Guillaume Apollinaire, Mallarmé, Paul Valéry.



She published : Rimbaud, le météore de la poésie française, poems translated into Chinese


prefaced by Claude Jeancolas.

  Editions Castor et Pollux.
  isbn  9782350080567
  27.01 15.02   Poésie silencieuse Galerie du Luxembourg  Paris  France.

18.10 05.11   XVIII° Biennale des artistes du 6° Paris  France.

  She lives and works in Paris France.

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 Jie Wang 王杰


 Jie Wang  王杰



 Jie 王杰


 Jie Wang 王杰 with Michel Nau - © photo Michel Nau

Jie Wang 王杰 with Michel Nau



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