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Chu Hongrui




Chu Hongrui © photo Michel Nau - chinesenewart





Chu Hongrui was born on June 22, in Benxi, Liaoning Province, in China.

  He studied Fine Arts at the ENSA of Dijon and at the University Paris VIII


Visual artist and sound editor, he founded the artistic group ESTRAN.
  Various exhibitions :
  2011  30.10 05.11  Macondo  Huang Jiao Ping Art Zone, Chong Qing

2012  09.06 10.06  In The Box  Centre du Design Bastille, Paris


2013  14. 11 17.11  Où es-tu ?  E.A.S.F  Paris France


2014  14. 11 17.11  Où vas-tu ?  E.A.S.F  Paris France


2015   08.10 11.10  Lukily, you are here  CIGE  Beijing Chine


2016   20.10 23.10  ASIA NOW  Paris France


He lives and works in Paris, France and in Benxi, China.


Danièle Sicard


 © Chu Hongrui



Chu Hongrui




 © Chu Hongrui



 © Chu Hongrui


You are eager for reasons to love a groundless legend


Is anything making sense to you in the greatness and the authority


that they define for themselves ?


 Chu Hongrui with Michel Nau - © photo Michel Nau

Chu Hongrui with Michel Nau



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