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大尾象 Big Tail Elephant  -  Chen Shaoxiong 陈劭雄  Liang Juhui 梁矩辉  Xu Tan 徐坦  Lin Yilin 林一林




Big Tail Elephant  大尾象 is a group of three artists from Guangzhou :


Liang Juhui 梁矩辉  ( 1959-2006), Lin Yi Lin 林一林 (1964 ), Chen Shaoxiong 陈劭雄


( 1962 - 2016  ) then joined by Xu Tan 徐坦 ( 1957 ) .


They want to protest against the rapid urbanization of Guangzhou and its consequences


through photography, performance, installation and video in peculiar locations of their city


(parking lots, works in progress, parks).



1991 / 1997

The group puts together 6 exhibits in different places throughout Guangzhou :




1st exhibition 29.01 04.02 in the premises of the Worker's Palace.


2nd exhibition in October Big Tail Group: Broadcast / Television at University.


3rd exhibition at the Red Ants Bar.


4th exhibition 28.11 03.12 No Room, 14 San Yu Road, in an old shanty house located


east of the center of town.


5th exhibition in Linhe Road, a street of Guangzhou.


6th exhibition 06.01 07.01 Possibility – Big Tail Elephant, The Basement of Zhongguang


Building, Guangzhou



The most recent works from the group are exhibited at the Polytechnical University


in Hong Kong.



05.09 18.10 First exhibition outside China, in Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland and last one


as a group.


The group stops working together but each artist individually takes part in international






PAUSE 4th Guangzhou Biennale.




Zone d'Urgence 50th Venice Biennale.




First retrospective of the group at the Guangdong Museum in Guangzhou.

  12.06 07.10  Operation PRD - One Hour, No Room, Five shows.
  Performances sélection
  Chen Shaoxiong
  Seven days of silence :

The artist coats with black paint the plastic curtains from the hall and marks the date


every time to show his detachment from Time.


Lin Yi Lin - performance - video


Safely Maneuvering Across Linhe Road :


From demolition debris, the artist builds a wall, piece by piece, from one side of a street


then moves them to the other side where he builds them up again transforming


the movement of circulation.


Lin Yi Lin - installation


The Result of 1000 pieces:


A wall of bricks is built all around him.



  Liang Juhui - Performance

One Hour Game:


The artist plays video games for an hour in a construction site elevator.


Xu Tan – Multimedia installations


The artist uses fluorescent tubes from nightclubs’ karaoke of the town for his multimedia




Danièle Sicard


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大尾象   Big Tail Elephant

Kunsthalle Bern


texts : Bernard Fibicher, Hou Hanru, Huang Zhuan


  en chinois en anglais en allemand  

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