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Former President of the C.A.F.A.
Doctoral Supervisor and Professor of the C.A.F.A.
Honorable President of Chinese Artists.
Vice-President of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles
Membre of the Standing Comittee of C.P.P.C.C  
( Comittee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference )
Curator of Dadu Museum



Jin Shangyi was born in decembre, in Jiaozuo, in northern Henan province, China.



He entered Peking State Art College, renamed C.A.F.A. ( Central Academy of Fine Arts ),
  the next year.


He graduated from the C.A.F.A. ( oil painting department ).


He continued his studies into the oil painting training class, held by the former Soviet


Union, Konstantin Maksimov.



After graduation,he began to teach in the C.A.F.A.


He was posted to the oil painting department.




He went abroad to compare his work with the others artists:


First in Germany where he studied the portrait.


Then in the United States where he analysed the evolution of the oil painting.


After returning, he studied the Dunhuang and Yonglegong murals.


He also visited the Tibetan areas of Gansu and Xinjiang, to improve his technique.


He published numerous books and essays reflecting his research.


After the Plastic Arts Achievement Award, by the China Federation of Literary and


Art Circles ( 2006 ), he received the Lifetime Achievement Award, the first


Chinese Art prize.( 2011 ).


Danièle Sicard



© Jin Shangyi

JIN SHANGYI   Mao Zedong at the December Meeting  1961


© Jin Shangyi 
JIN SHANGYI 靳尚谊   - Donation Exhibition  17.05 25.05 2009  The National Art Museum of China  Beijing

JIN SHANGYI 靳尚谊   Donation Exhibition  17.05 25.05 2009  The National Art Museum of China  Beijing  


© Jin Shangyi JIN SHANGYI 靳尚谊 - Compliments to Vermeer    12.06 03.07 2011  CAFA Art Museum  Beijing

JIN SHANGYI 靳尚谊  Compliments to Vermeer  12.06 03.07 2011  CAFA Art Museum  Beijing


© Jin Shangyi JIN SHANGYI 靳尚谊  - 29.12 2011 29.02 2012   Guancheng Art Museum Guancheng  Dongguan -

JIN SHANGYI 靳尚谊    29.12 2011 29.02 2012   Guancheng Art Museum Guancheng  Dongguan


© Jin Shangyi


© Jin Shangyi


© Jin Shangyi - JIN SHANGYI 靳尚谊    毛主席视察上钢三厂

JIN SHANGYI 靳尚谊    毛主席视察上钢三厂


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