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 Yangjiang Group -  陽江組 - Zheng Guogu, Chen Zaiyan, Sun Qinglin  - portrait - chinesenewart


Zheng Guogu 郑国谷, Chen Zaiyan 陈再炎, Sun Qinglin 孙庆麟


陽江組  pinyin : Yangjiang Zu


Yangjiang Group 陽江組 is a collective artists group founded in 2002, in Yangjiang,


Guangdong Province, in China, by three artists :


Zheng Guogu  郑国谷  was born in 1970 in Yangjiang.


Chen Zaiyan    陈再炎  was born in 1971 in  Yangchun.


Sun Qinglin      孙庆麟  was born in 1974 in  Yangjiang.


They use the Chinese calligraphy to develop their diverse contemporary art practice


including  : Performance, Photography, Painting, Video and Installation.


They exhibit in galleries and museums in Australia, China, Japan, Italy,


United Kingdom and United States.

  The trio lives and works in Yangjiang, where is located their studio.

Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection

2010  Garden of Pine–Also Fierce Than TigerⅡ - Tang Contemporary Art Center  Beijing


2012   05.09 29.09    After Dinner Shu Fa - Cricket Pavilion, Eastside Projects  Birmingham  


United Kingdom


2013  Fuck Off the Rules Yangjiang Group -  Minsheng Art Museum  Shanghai  China


2015  Action for Tomorrow - 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art  Sydney  Australia


2016  04.11 10.03  Tales of Our Time  Guggenhein  Museum  New York  United States


They Took part to numerous International Collective exhibitions :  


2002   Paris Pékin : Space Pierre Cardin Paris  France


2003   Biennial   Venice  Italy


2005  Triennial  Guangzhou  China


2006   Biennial  Shenzhen  China


2007   Kassel Documenta  Kassel Germany


2008   Art Basel  Musée de Guangdong  Guangzhou  China


2009   Biennial  Lyon  France


2010   Art Basel  Miami  United States



 Yangjiang Group陽江組



 Yangjiang Group陽江組



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 Yangjiang Group  陽江組  Exposition : Fuck off the Rules
du 08.11 2013 au 22.02 2014 Minsheng Art Museum  Shanghai



 Yangjiang Group陽江組



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