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May Zao  赵 May pinyin  Zhao May


Chan May Kan was born on November 14 th, in Hong Kong.


She worked as an actress of film and theatre.


She met the painter Zao Wou-Ki  赵无极  who travelled in Hong Kong.

  They married, she took the name of May Zao and she came to live in Paris.


She began drawing and painting, but she turned to the sculpture.



She dead on March 10, from a long chronique mental illness.

  She is buried in the cemetery of Montparnasse, ( First division ).
  One of her sculptures is on her grave.
  In november, the Gallery France presented around twenty sculptures of May

with the works of Zao Wou-Ki  赵无极 .


Danièle Sicard



 May Zao 赵 May


 May Zao 赵 May


   Ces oeuvres sont ce qui nous reste d'elle avec le souvenir toujours présent de l'amie qu'elle fut.
   On peut saluer le talent, l'émouvante réussite, mais ce qui bouleverse chez cet être d'un pays lointain, c'est ce désir, cette volonté de nous être proche, de nous toucher, ces efforts pour vivre près de nous, parmi nous.
   Ces sculptures en sont le témoignage.

  Pierre Soulages  

 May Zao 赵 May



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