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Yan Jun




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Member of FEN ( FarEast Network) - Tea Rockers Quintet - Impro Committee.


Yan Jun was born in Lanzhou, in Gansu Province, China.


He created SUB JAM label.

- As a Musician, he plays improvised music, experimental electronic music,


and makes field recording.

  - As an Artist-Performer in audiences'living rooms, he uses the objects found
  in the room, and the specific space as instruments. Living Room Tour project

He toured in  Asia, Australia, Europe and United States.


Ars Electronica awarded him an Honorable Mention, at the Shanghai Biennial.


- As a Writer, he published 8 books of essays, in Chinese.


- As a Poet, he published 1 poetry collection.


He participated in Rotterdam International Poetry Festival and Berlin International


Poetry Festival.

  He lives in Beijing, China.

Danièle Sicard


© Yan Jun 颜峻




Yan Jun    



© Yan Jun 颜峻



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