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Zhao Biru




Zhao Biru  赵璧如



Zhao Biru   赵璧如 was born on June 3rd in Changshu, Jiangsu Province  China,


into a well educated family.


Her father  : Zhao Kai is an artist, painter, calligrapher and poet.


Her mother  : Wang Yuqin is an accountant, and journalist.


When she was very young, her father taught her how to paint, and she was soon able


to take part in competitions.



When she was ten, the family moved to Nanjing.



She went to senior school in Nanjing, to the Fine Art department. It was here she really


started to learn about painting. Sha was interested in everything : drawing, sketching, .


colours, oil, laquer, and sculpture.



After the baccalaureate, she studied at the Design Institute at Jiangnan University, in Wuxi,


for four years.




After graduating in drawing and graphics, she started teaching drawing and graphics


at Jinling Keji University, in Nanjing.


She took part in a collective exhibition The hundred best Chinese graphists of the Twentieth


in Beijing. Two of her posters were selected for the Museum of Design in Beijing


and for the exhibition catalogue.



In order to perfect her technique, she enrolled at the School of Fine Art in Shanghai.


It was at this point that she started doing more abstract paintings in ink.


Her first exhibition was held at the Art Scene China gallery in Shanghai.


She worked particularly hard at this time, as she was preparing her application


for the School of Fine Art in Amiens, in France.



In September, she entered the High School of Art and Design in Amiens France, 


for three years.


If Lin Fengniam 林风眠 ( 1900-1991 ), Liu Haisu 刘海粟 ( 1896-1994 ) have influenced her,


she appreciates Marcel Duchamp 1887-1968, Pierre Soulages (1919- ), Antoni Tàpies (1923- ),


and Liu Qinghe 刘庆 (1961- )



Graduated D.N.S.E.P ( National Superior Diploma of Plastic Expression ), she joined


Paris, determined to exhibit in the capital.


Danièle Sicard



 Solo exhibitions



July Art Scene Gallery China Shanghai  China


November Arteconte Gallery Paris  France


May - Encre Yanzixuan Centre Shanghai  China


June  - Encre Liu Haisu Museum Shanghai  China


July Naco Gallery  China


15. 04 03. 05 15. Pont Rouge Gallery Paris  France


Collective exhibitions



Impression de Lavis ESBA Shanghai  China


Nouvelles tendances abstraites  ArtItude Gallery Paris  France


Salon d'Automne Paris  France


Esprit asiatique Show Home AROA Neuilly-sur-Seine  France


Chinart  Athena Gallery and Antichambre Paris  France


Art en Capitale Grand Palais Paris  France


Art en Capitale Grand Palais Paris  France


22. 03 09. 04 Gallery Peinture Fraîche Paris  France


06.11 24.11 Atelier Visconti Paris  France


03.07 08.09 Gallery Les Stèles Huelgoat  France


10.09 12.10 ERTNE Galley Area Paris  France


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Biru is here but his painting is from over there, fluids, vapours, classic.


Abstraction ? That's not so sure. Windows onto interior landscapes, real. Biru

  hold's out her hand to you..

Essence, composition which goes straight to the essential, precious, whith gold

  which is worn like a jewel. Precise and contradictory, with that brush stroke like
  a blade of wild grass, in an moment of emptiness.

Totally Chan.

  Mjchel Nau








catalogue  21 x 24 cm in chinese, english, french

  Zhao Biru - Encre - Ink
  prefaced by Xu  Ping : Impression  
  and by Wang Xueqing : L'expression spontanée  
  de l'esprit oriental  

88 works exhibited the cover included


+ 7 photos of the artist

  76 pages  

Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House


isbn : 7 5322 4 993 X


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 Zhao Biru  赵璧如 with Michel Nau

Zhao Biru   赵璧如 with Michel Nau


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