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Wenli Liu




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刘文栗  pinyin  Liu Wenli 


Wenli Liu  刘文栗 was born in Beijing, China.


She was attracted by drawing, since her chilhood.



She graduated from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.


Following her passion for literature and arts, she worked as journalist/editor


many years.



She studied at the San Francisco Academy of Art University.


( Graphic Design department )


After a few years working as a graphic designer, she lived and travelled to


many places in Asia, America and Europe.



She dedicated herself into fine arts, becoming a full-time professional artist.


She lives and works in United States.


Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection


08.09 29.09 Texas: Bold and Abstract LuminArte Gallery Dallas  United States


10 World Trade Center Dallas  United States


02 Frontier Blow-up Gallery Dallas  United States


03 Annual Juried Show PAA Plano TX United States


08 Change PAA downtown Gallery Plano  United States



 Wenli Liu  刘文栗

Wenli Liu  刘文栗 - peach Blossom


Wenli Liu  刘文栗 - Lady in red

Wenli Liu  刘文栗 - Lady in red


Wenli Liu  刘文栗 - Cherry Blossom

Wenli Liu  刘文栗 - Cherry Blossom


Wenli Liu  刘文栗 - Looking up

Wenli Liu  刘文栗 - Looking up


Wenli Liu  刘文栗 - -  Untitled 005  -  Oil on canvas  -  2023

Wenli Liu  刘文栗  -  Untitled 005  -  Oil on canvas  -  2023



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