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Wu Jingding





Wu Jingding  吳鏡汀 pinyin Wu Jingting



Wu Jingding  吳鏡汀 (1904-1972 ) aka Xizeng was born in Beijing  China.



  -  As Self-taught painter, he learned by imitating specialized painters


in traditional landscape paintings.


He went to Japan for a Sino-japanese exhibition.

He subsequently joined the Chinese Painting Research Society.


  -  As Educator, he taught at  the Jinghua College of Fine Art,


and later, mainly at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, in Beijing.


He was one of the founders of the Beijing Academy of Art.


He passed away, at the age of 68.
  Daniele Sicard



Wu Jingding  吳鏡汀  -  Mount Emei  -  Ink and colour on paper  68.58 x 45.72 cm  -  1961  -  Ashmolean Museum collection

Wu Jingding  吳鏡汀  -  Mount Emei  -  Ink and colour on paper  68.58 x 45.72 cm  -  1961
 -  Ashmolean Museum collection  



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