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Ran Jia




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Ran Jia  贾然  pinyin Jia Ran


Ran Jia  贾然 was born in China.


His father, a master in composition and theory at the Shanghai Conservatory


of Music in Shanghai, introduced her to music at a very young age, to the piano.



First solo debut



Recital at the Shanghai Conservatory ( Heluting Hall )


At the age of 15, she left for the United States to study with Gary Graffman ( 1928 - ).


at the Curtis Institute.


Recital at the Alice Tully Hall of Lincoln Center New York.




She also studied in Italy at the International Piano Academy, Lake Como


 with William Grant Nabore (1941 - )



Her interpretation of Schubert's sonatas D960 and D664, during their recording


for the French label Artalina earned her the Prix Choc from Classica (French magazine).



She played four nights the complete Schubert sonatas at the Philarmonic Chamber


Music Hall , and recorded a CD on the RCA label.



She played the complete 11 sonatas of Schubert in Shanghai with live recording.


She participated in many festivals in China, Korea, Germany.

  Daniele Sicard



Ran Jia  贾然  -  Franz Schubert  舒伯特


Franz Schubert  舒伯特


Piano Sonata N°.21 in B-Flat major
I. Molto moderato - II. Andante sostenuto -
III. Scherzo. Allegro vivace con delicatezza - IV. Allegro ma non troppo


Piano Sonata N°.13 in A major
I. Allegro moderato - II. Andante - III. Allegro


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