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Kuo Yen-Fu






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Kuo Yen-Fu  郭彦甫 pinyin Guo Yanfu



Kuo Yen-Fu  郭彦甫 was born in Taiwan.


He studied at the Taipei Municipal Institute of Physical Education.



At first, he was an advertising model, an entertainer, then he decided to devote


himself entirely to painting.


He collaborated with the Louis Vuitton brand for two years in a row, with his


Suitcase series, based on the athleticism of the first Olympic Games.



This series, exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, made him known.


The same year, he won the Jury Prize in the painting competition of the Baolong


Art Center  Shanghai  China.

  He lives and works in Taipei  Taiwan.
  Daniele Sicard



Kuo Yen-Fu  郭彦甫


Kuo Yen-Fu  郭彦甫


Kuo Yen-Fu  郭彦甫




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